Tales of a Tenacious Housesitter

"Home Sweet Murder" - Meggie ignores her friends’ warnings and takes a housesitting job in an idyllic lake setting. Simple task? Not when burglary by boat and murder are involved. Senior sleuth Meggie is in for the swim of her life as she uncovers hidden family secrets.— Beth Solheim, author of the Sadie Witt Mystery Series

"Home for the Murder" - Meggie, slightly past middle age and incurably curious, is off on another housesitting adventure with her spirited and voluble gal-pal, Shirley. A housesitting gig in sunny Key West, Florida, ends badly only to be followed by the disappearance of a dear old family friend back in Pine Lake, Minnesota. In this second book in the series, Jarvela once again marvelously invokes all of Minnesota’s Lake Country details—from blueberry picking to fending off mosquitos, from loon carving to ice fishing, and from deer hunting to the lure of casinos—and rolls them into an uncomplicated but absorbing mystery. If you liked Meggie in Home Sweet Murder—and we did!—you’ll want to read Home for the Murder. –Laura Hansen, Veteran Bookseller and Award Winning Poet

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